Philosophies, Strategies, Styles are all Aspects of How to Care

We seek to cultivate and develop the ability to have crossover between both sides of the brain. We first serve the emotional need before tending to the logical aspects of any situation.

As Aristotle writes: “Educating the mind without educating the heat, is no education at all.”

We want to provide the best for our children. Why? Why do we want the best for our children? What principles do we adopt as a family? How do those principles and wanting the best for our child(ren) align?
We seek to match up your principles and why you want the best for your child. This harmonious interaction yields massive opportunity for families to get in-sync with parenting and principles.

How is this possible? Through a Relationship-Based approach. Developing small connections that grow into threads of connections, linking experiences. At the end of each day, those threads bundle into a rope for relationship development, foundations of learning, problem solving and moral building. The rope is only as strong as the threads that make it up.

If you would like to discuss more about Principle Parenting with Relationship-based care as your focus, email me. Thank you! Lindsay Dickinson