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My First Blog Post

How we create brain cells with our Experiences

“Character building begins in infancy and continues until death” Eleanor Roosevelt

Independent, Expectant & Dependent Experiences are pre-wired in the brain. Experiences and relationships in the first three years of life literally shape the brain and lay the foundation for all future learning and development. A baby’s brain organizes each experience daily. As we organize cell phone apps, babies take their information received and place it into files. What ever is used most, becomes their “most recent” or “favorite” in the Experiences. This is for anything negative or positive.

An Expectant Experience is anything that can fall under general care or the nature of baby care. This includes and not limited to: feedings, changing diapers, bathing, general care and maintenance for our babies. These are experiences that generate stimuli for the baby to grow knowing they are being taken care of.

Where as a Dependent Experience are the deeper interactions we create within our families and lives with the baby. As our brain grows, experiences that provide nurture are depenent.