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Resiliency Built by Experience

I write during a time when our entire world is in a holding pattern. Finances, Activities, Sporting Events, Travel have all been either cancelled, post-phoned or restricted. Lock-down in some countries, people peeled to their devices to keep up in the COVID-19 drama and tragedies that are occurring daily. How on earth, can we survive this current situation? Resilience friends, including how we respond and who we have in our lives will directly impact resilience.

How we Spend our Time

I have noticed an increase of social media and device usage in our home as well as when I am taking my daily walk. People are spending time connecting or disconnecting. If we are disconnecting, I hope it is with a TV show, video game, lumosity, and not news. Our ability to bounce back is directly related to our ability to engage and disengage with what may help or hurt us. If we watch 4 hours of news about COVID-19, I bet you will be thinking you have the Coronavirus as well. If this happens you may be seeking hope. Hope to believe your brain can not take over the body to an extent that you contract the Coronoavirus. Yet, day after day, people are becoming sicker, weaker and even dying. WHY?

The Freedom to Chose Experiences

Seeking to be strength-based, I am suggesting we build into the day some self time. I love to be alone, and with 3 others cohabiting with me, day in and day out, alone, feels very far away. My walks have only helped me clear the air from COVID-19 news and event dramas. Yet, when I am able to be alone, I find a renewal; a sense of personal resilience in me. My choice to experience what I know is best for me, has allowed my gained energy & renewal will be put toward my husband and children. Sometimes knowing I am supported in my decision to be alone by my family, allows the turn around to be shorter than if I were to feel guilty for taking time to myself. If I was resilient, I would be able to deal with the guilt or support as a specific event. If I continued to feel guilty or supported over time my resiliency will then grow into guilt or support.

Resiliency & Resilient, Whats the difference?

I think of being resilient and resiliency to differ slightly. Resilience or resiliency is capacity of the ability to recover quickly from difficult conditions. Where as, resilient appears to be a general ability to withstand difficult conditions as independent of another. What’s the point? We need to consider that having continuous difficulties that we can practice bouncing back, learning and growing from will build a capacity that will enhance the overall emotional and academic intelligence we have as humans. Our brains begin to build a better pre-frontal cortex for problem solving and critical thinking. This expansion is all able to be nurtured by exposure to experiences. In a blog post, How we create brain cells with our Experiences we learned that our phones and brains are similar in use. The apps we use more often will be under recent or most used. The areas of the brain that we use most often will be considered recent or most used in our brains, defaulting those areas to fire first and more often. If I am looking at social media, news, notifications, in multiple video chats or tiktok sort of forums, how will our brains begin to be impacted? I want to have resilience of difficult situations and experience both positive and negative experience that build my resiliency.

Resilience is always Adapting…Strengthened by Response